Ambulettes for Wheelchair Transport

National Van has been building the highest quality ambulettes, wheelchair accessible vans and shuttle vans in the industry since 1997. As a member of the Ford motor pool, National can pass chassis dealer pricing directly to our customers and ensure faster turnaround for your vehicles. We also produce vehicles using GM, Ram Promaster and Mercedes Sprinter chassis. Every vehicle is customized to our customer’s needs and specifications while being fully ADA, FMVSS and Ford QVM compliant.

What is an ambulette?

An ambulette is the same size as a Type II ambulance but is used for non-emergency transportation. These handicapped accessible vans are typically used by ambulance companies, adult day care centers, nursing homes, hospitals and medical transportation  providers for transporting both ambulatory and wheelchair passengers.  

Why Choose National Van Builders for your Ambulette? 

  • Ford’s quality vehicle modifier requires that we re-certify annually with Ford and prove our competence. Ford offers Mobility Rebates which are only available from a QVM certified company.  
  • Every ambulette we build meets ADA and FMVSS standards.
  • Customized layouts to you specific needs. National works with each customer to determine the best vehicle layout for wheelchair lift, seats and mobility components to suit their needs. For customers desiring additional flexibility, National offers the AbiliTrax modular flooring platform which allows you to change your vehicle’s seating configuration allowing you to quickly move, add or remove seats.

National Vans Ambulette Features

National Van offers numerous proprietary features, like thermoformed ABS interior components with standard features including recessed LED lights and direct vent rear heat and rear air conditioning, among the standard features. All seating and equipment configurations can be customized for your ambulette to meet your needs. Just a few of our optional equipment and features are:

  • Powder coated perforated steel assist steps
  • integrated passenger door bus step with or without bus door operator
  • Fully insulated to R11
  • Stretcher mount
  • Spare wheelchair holder

National Van Builders has been one of the best known and well-respected ambulette builders in the industry for more than 20 years. Whether you need a Ford Transit with a short or long wheelbase, mid or high roof and available side or rear lifts, National Van can build the perfect ambulette to meet your needs.  Contact us for your customized quote today!

Customize Your Wheelchair Van:
  • wheelbase

    *picture is for demonstration only
  • sidelift
    *pictures are for demonstration only