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Passenger Vans for Sale | Executive Vans for Sale
passenger vans for salepassenger vans for sale
passenger vans for sale
passenger vans for sale

Executive Passenger Vans for Sale

You have worked very hard to distinguish your business from competitors. You have learned that details matter. By focusing on your client’s needs, you have transformed a simple ride to the airport into a turnkey corporate service organization. Let us focus on delivering the ride – if you are looking for Passenger Vans for Sale – National Van Builders is your destination.

The National Executive Series offers no flash, just unrivaled comfort and convenience combined with durability and serviceability.Our 10, 11 and 12 Passenger Center Aisle Models offer over 60cu. ft of luggage capacity. For larger groups, our 14 Passenger Model forfeits the luggage but not the added convenience or comfort.

NVB has painstakingly combined eye appeal with durability to create an executive transporter that works and keeps on working hour after hour, year after year. Call us today if you are looking for Passenger Vans for Sale. We will deliver!

Click here to download the Executive Series Brochure.

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National Van is a member of the Ford motor pool, which allows us to pass on chassis dealer pricing directly to our customers. Our production capabilities also include GM and Mercedes Sprinter chassis.

National Van’s commitment to quality and complete customer satisfaction remains unchanged to this day. National is certified in the Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) program and consistently achieves the prestigious President’s Award for the Braun Corporation’s line of mobility products.

“When your standards are high enough to demand a Ford for your conversion, don’t settle for just any converter. Choosing a company to provide your vehicle modification is an important decision. Be sure to ask about credentials, experience, warranty coverage and service after the sale. To help make your choice, reference the list of Qualified Vehicle Modifiers (QVM) listed below.” – Ford Mobility Motoring Website